NBA deem Pistons, Cavilers and Kings ‘non-essential businesses’

NBA deems Pistons, Cavaliers and Kings ‘non-essential’

Disappointing news for some small-market teams was announced today as Adam Silver designated the Pistons, Cavaliers, and Kings as non-essential businesses. “It’s a safety thing,” Adam Silver said on a conference call.  “We just can’t risk those teams gathering a large audience and potentially inducing sickness upon their community—or worse, a big market community.” Broadcast personnel from TNT, ESPN and NBATV have been warned not to go near a non-essential team’s arena.   ...

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piston patch

Detroit Pistons to Advertise the Detroit Pistons on Jersey Patch

In an effort to raise the team’s profile, the Detroit Pistons have secured a jersey patch agreement with themselves. “Today we’re proud to announce that, after some of the toughest negotiations you’ll ever see, we landed a jersey patch deal with a grea---uhh, pretty goo—with a local company,” President Ed Stefanski said in a press conference announcing the new partnership. While today’s unveiling ceremony was mostly positive, some NBA officials are worried about the horrible reputation of the Pistons brand ...

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