Utah Sports Fans Thrilled To Watch 10-Hour Documentary On Jazz Failure

Utah Sports Fans Thrilled To Watch 10-Hour Documentary On Jazz Failure

The great people of Utah are used to being showered with blessings.  And as they tune in to ESPN’s 10-hour documentary on the Jazz losing the 1998 NBA Finals, they can add another blessing to the pile. 

“My friends and family have been so eager to bring back Jazz basketball when we heard there was a huge NBA show on Sunday I had just one question:  Are our beloved Utah Jazz going to be in it?” said long-time fan Jedidiah McKell asked.  “My buddy, Ara, told me they weren’t so much ‘in it’ as much as they were ‘under it.’  I was confused, but after some research on The Last Dance, I knew the state of Utah was in for a doozy.” 

At first, the McKells’ DVR black-listed the show because it contained the word dance but they eventually found it. 

“My kids informed me they didn’t want to watch ten hours commemorating the Jazz’s failures,” McKell explained, “But I told those little whippersnappers death is a part of life.  This is what Jazz basketball is all about!”   

Sadly, the McKell family had to turn off The Last Dance eighteen seconds into the show when Michael Jordan informed the viewers that Jerry Krause was a “filthy mother ******* son of a *****.” 

“Joe Ingles would never say that kids,” McKell said to his 14 children as he turned off the TV.  

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