Pelicans’ alternate jerseys trick New Orleans sports fans into watching NBA game

The New Orleans Pelicans have been caught manipulated their ‘City Edition’ jerseys to look like the New Orleans Saints football team.

“It was a shameless ploy designed to interrupt Louisiana’s long-held tradition of not watching NBA basketball,” said former Saints QB Bobby Herbert.  “I accidentally watched the whole first quarter!  Everyone was offsides and their running game was pure crap.”

We’ll get to the fans’ reactions, but first, let’s review how the Pelicans pulled this off.

Per league rules, the city edition uniform must be bastardized using the following three requirements.

1.)  It must take the casual viewer a minimum of twelve minutes to recognize which team is playing.  (This helps with ratings)

2.)  It must be designed by a city resident that is either in kindergarten or severely addicted to crystal meth.  A combination of the two is preferred. 

3.)  Everyone over the age of 17 must hate it with the wrath of up to but not limited to, a thousand suns.

“I sort of enjoyed it,” said long time Saints fan Bubba Brown.  “If you squint your eyes, and muted your TV it kinda looked like a Saints game.  It brought me a sense of nostalgia of when we didn’t have the NBA in New Orleans.”

The Pelicans organization was initially fined for the stunt.  But after the NBA learned New Orleans set a league record in ratings against the Spurs, all 29 other teams are now required to dress like NFL teams.

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