Steve Kerr spends time out demanding his players to be hall of famers

For the seventh game in a row, Steve Kerr was forced to use all of his timeouts in the first quarter to remind all the Warriors to be hall of famers. 

“These players are deliberately disobeying me,” Kerr said after another loss.  “Tonight’s game plan was very simple.  Everyone be a generational talent, rebound, and everyone be hall of famers.  I was screaming that all night.  Maybe it’s my fault.  Maybe I’m not being clear enough.  Actually no, that’s not it—no one write that down!” 

Kerr’s blunt comments come after an intense film room session where both players and coaches bickered.

“Right here.  Pause it.  You see?  That’s the type of effort you should bring every play,” Kerr screamed at Jordan Poole.  

“That’s not even me!” Poole snapped back.  “That’s a Scottie Pippin clip off The Last Dance!” 

“Yeah!  You tell ‘em, coach!” Draymond Green then yelled jumping up and down.  “Why can’t these clowns have the graceful feel for the game like I do!”   

The film session reportedly dissolved into chaos after Kerr threatened that everyone would be cut if they didn’t three-peat by the all-star break. 

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