Draymond green makes shot

Draymond Green Makes Shot

In a game against the Sacramento Kings, Warriors forward Draymond Green made a shot.

While a made field goal is technically a non-reviewable play, the officials, the Kings, and even Steve Kerr insisted on taking a peek at the monitor to confirm.

The Chase Center crowd quietly stared at the massive screen as slow-motion footage played of the basketball seemingly leave Green’s hands and mysteriously maneuver into the inside of the rim.  

“Oh C’MON!  This is Bull S***!” Green yelled as he learned what was going on.

After several minutes, NBA officials in Secaucus reported they too were unsure what happened but would allow the field goal.

The NBA has recommended sports publications not run the story. “While it’s true that Green made a shot, it smacks of sensationalism and it will look like click-bait,” a memo from the league office read.

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