Greg Oden Dancing With the Stars

Greg Oden Gets Invitation from Dancing With the Stars, Considers it a Death Threat

Greg Oden and his lawyers are considering the invitation he received to participate on Dancing With the Stars a death threat. 

“Given my client’s history of injury, it is common knowledge that Greg would likely not have survived a production meeting, let alone a dance rehearsal,” read a statement from his lawyer.  “Therefore, we believe this invitation to be a clear death threat and we have alerted the authorities,” the letter concluded.

It appears the producers of Dancing with the Stars had no knowledge of the easily-injured former Trail Blazer.

The invitation suggested Oden make a grand entrance by jumping from the upper lever, roll into a somersault, and finish with a double pirouette. 

“Are they crazy?  My doctors told me I shouldn’t even do jazz hands, let alone all that suicide stuff,” Oden told Flu-Like Symptoms.

While Oden is pressing charges against ABC, the ginger athlete made it clear he does not want to press too hard.  “That’s how bones snap,” Greg warned.

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