Yao winning at buzzer

Report: China Has Been Altering All NBA Games So Yao Ming Drills Game-Winning 3-Pointer

It has been learned that China has been doctoring the end of all close NBA games to feature Yao Ming drilling game-winning three-pointers. 

The discovery was made when a Chinese security glitch leaked an on-line highlight from a Pistons/Suns game.  In the actual game, Detroit won 113 – 111.  However, the altered footage shows Yao Ming gathering a loose ball, rising up from thirty feet and swishing a three-pointer at the buzzer. 

Once the footage began circulating online, many NBA media members were able to pinpoint exactly why the bizarre footage was, indeed fake.

“When you see Yao run onto the court, look closely: he’s wearing a Rockets jersey.  What’s the problem with that?  This was a game between the Suns and Pistons!  Clearly fake!” tweeted Chris Broussard.

ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz pointed out that the voice of the play-by-play man doing the Chinese broadcast seemed to switch as soon as Yao ran into the frame.  “Oh! Steal by Yao!  Welcome to game, hero!  He shoot!  AMAZING!!  YAO WON THE NBA, AGAIN!!!” was yelled.

“We are very troubled that a massive percentage of our fans have been lead to believe that Yao Ming has been winning most of our close games with dramatic 30-foot field goals,” An NBA statement read.  However, they soon realized that releasing that statement would mean the Chinese government would destroy the league.  A new statement was released saying: “What can you say?  Yao is just a guy you gotta guard all 94 feet—and sometimes you need to worry about him even if he’s not on either roster.”

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