Steve Kerr spends time out demanding his players to be hall of famers

For the seventh game in a row, Steve Kerr was forced to use all of his timeouts in the first quarter to remind all the Warriors to be hall of famers.  “These players are deliberately disobeying me,” Kerr said after another loss.  “Tonight’s game plan was very simple.  Everyone be a generational talent, rebound, and everyone be hall of famers.  I was screaming that all night.  Maybe it’s my fault.  Maybe ...

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Draymond green makes shot

Draymond Green Makes Shot

In a game against the Sacramento Kings, Warriors forward Draymond Green made a shot. While a made field goal is technically a non-reviewable play, the officials, the Kings, and even Steve Kerr insisted on taking a peek at the monitor to confirm. The Chase Center crowd quietly stared at the massive screen as slow-motion footage played of the basketball seemingly leave Green’s hands and mysteriously maneuver into the inside of the ...

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Bob Meyers clears KD for Full Contact

Bob Myers Clears Kevin Durant for Full Contact

Earlier this week, Warriors General Manager Bob Myers called up the Brooklyn Nets and gave Kevin Durant the green light for full 5-on-5 workouts. Meyer’s call was soon on speakerphone as he gave the news to the Brooklyn Nets training staff.  “Yep.  I think we’re all set.  Roll Kevin out there. Today,” he said sternly. Both the Nets and Durant’s doctors were determined to have the injured forward out for the entire season, but that was until Meyers began his world ...

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