New Hubie Brown dating app will loudly yell, “There you go!” when you do something good

NBA television analyst, Hubie Brown has always had a heart for helping young men on the court.  Now, the long-time coach has lent his experience to the dating world with the new Hubie Brown Dating app.

By sensing small hormonal changes in the air, the free version of the app will yell, “There you go!” each time the man has done something that pleases his date.

Included in the $3.99 premium version, Hubie will give a disapproving sigh and say, “Now ya see?  You just can’t do that” when you screw up with your lady.

The app has been available for almost 10 months and, with the nation’s birth rates increasing by 200%, the app is considered a tremendous success.

Update: Mike D’Antoni’s dating app “Score In 7 Seconds Or Less” was wildly unpopular and has been discontinued.   

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