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Detroit Pistons to Advertise the Detroit Pistons on Jersey Patch

In an effort to raise the team’s profile, the Detroit Pistons have secured a jersey patch agreement with themselves.

“Today we’re proud to announce that, after some of the toughest negotiations you’ll ever see, we landed a jersey patch deal with a grea—uhh, pretty goo—with a local company,” President Ed Stefanski said in a press conference announcing the new partnership.

While today’s unveiling ceremony was mostly positive, some NBA officials are worried about the horrible reputation of the Pistons brand could rub off on the team and reflect poorly on the league.

“We’re not worried about that at all,” snapped Stefanski.  “We’ll take any awareness at this point. In fact, we’re encouraging any fans who object to this partnership to come down to the arena, buy a ticket and give us a piece of your mind.  Please.”

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