NBA players get tougher once retired

New Study Shows Moment NBA Player Retires They Become 72% Tougher, Grittier Than Active Players

A new study paid for by TNT’s Inside The NBA has discovered that when an NBA player retires, they immediately become 72% tougher and grittier than active players.

Even more significant, when an NBA player combines retirement with a broadcasting gig, they become a whopping 130% tougher and grittier.

This study seemed to bear out when the Inside team had special guest and recently retired Mo Williams on.  That night a fairly significant fight broke out between Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns and Williams offered his insight.

“Y’all know what I woulda done had I been there, right?” Williams asked the crew.

“If I was still on the T-Wolves, I woulda charged Embiid and grabbed his neck and slowly lifted him off the ground,” he said as Kenny Smith and Shaq nodded in agreement.

“Then, before I threw him backwards I would scream DON’T YOU EVER MESS WITH A TEAMMATE OF MAURICE WILLIAMS!  And then boom—problem solved. And that’s the problem with all the T-Wolves players and frankly, every player that’s in the league these days.”

Ernie Johnson then asked for clarification, “So, Mo, you would have thrown Embiid into the stands? Are you serious?”  

“Are you kidding me, Ernie?  You know how I rolled. He woulda landed in at least the tenth or eleventh row.  No question,” Williams replied emphatically.

Upon hearing of this study, Nick Young is leaning towards retirement and changing his name from “Swaggy P” to “Swaggy the Enforcer.”

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