NBA players get tougher once retired

New Study Shows Moment NBA Player Retires They Become 72% Tougher, Grittier Than Active Players

A new study paid for by TNT’s Inside The NBA has discovered that when an NBA player retires, they immediately become 72% tougher and grittier than active players. Even more significant, when an NBA player combines retirement with a broadcasting gig, they become a whopping 130% tougher and grittier. This study seemed to bear out when the Inside team had special guest and recently retired Mo Williams on.  That night a fairly significant fight broke out between Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns and Williams offered his insight. “Y’all know what I woulda done had I ...

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KD to Fire Kenny

Kevin Durant considering returning this season to get the firing of Kenny Atkinson out of the way

Kevin Durant is showing real initiative as a Brooklyn Net.  Reports are, the superstar forward is considering a brief return to the court this season to get the firing of coach Kenny Atkinson out of the way. “It’s thinking ahead,” Romona Shelburne said on The Jump.  “If you can clear the deck and send Kenny to a division one school or a career as a claims adjuster early, I think it shows the Nets have a considerate and respectful player in Durant.” A source within the organization tells Flu-Like Symptoms Kevin Durant has ...

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all flopping on all shots

Adam Silver Dreams of a Day Where NBA Players Flop on Every Possession

Perhaps the only thing more graceful than a world-class NBA athlete rising up and swishing a 25-foot three-pointer is watching that same shooter jerk his head back, flailing his arms and screaming the F-word at the officials. NBA fans can appreciate that Adam Silver knows this better than anyone and he is working hard to give fans what they want. When the Commissioner was asked about the huge increase of call-seeking behavior from shooters, Silver took a victory lap. “Oh yes, it’s incredible. Just fantastic,” the Commissioner began.  “We certainly don’t want to ...

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piston patch

Detroit Pistons to Advertise the Detroit Pistons on Jersey Patch

In an effort to raise the team’s profile, the Detroit Pistons have secured a jersey patch agreement with themselves. “Today we’re proud to announce that, after some of the toughest negotiations you’ll ever see, we landed a jersey patch deal with a grea---uhh, pretty goo—with a local company,” President Ed Stefanski said in a press conference announcing the new partnership. While today’s unveiling ceremony was mostly positive, some NBA officials are worried about the horrible reputation of the Pistons brand could rub off on the team and reflect poorly on the ...

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