Tempering Plumlee brother

Strict New Anti-Tampering Rule Would Strip Team of First Round Pick, Plumlee Brother

As offseason player movement becomes more frenetic, the NBA Board of Governors unanimously voted to pass new penalties on tempering.

“We sent the following memo to the L.A. Lake— I mean all thirty teams,” Adam Silver began his press conference.

“Any team found to have improperly contacted a player will have one first round pick revoked and the removal of their Plumlee brother,” Silver read while dressed like a biker gang member. 

This uncharacteristically harsh punishment from Silver is largely being seen as an attempt to usher in a new era of what the commissioner is calling “no more Mr. Nice Adam.”

Critics have argued this new punishment may actually encourage tampering as some executives feel their team is already lousy with Plumlees and this could be their only way to off load them.

NCAA expert Andy Katz is reporting the next NBA Draft will have only 8 Plumlees.       

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