City of Philadelphia now forbids Danny Green from practicing on public hoops

The city of Philadelphia has formally prohibited 76er shooting guard Danny Green from practicing on any public hoops.  The announcement was made shortly after the NBA player arrived at Markward Park on Saturday.   Green shot several wild attempts blowing massive holes straight through four backboards and one of his shots badly injured a citizen at a neighboring park.   

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said onlooker Joel Burton.  “At first everyone was like, ‘whoa—Danny Green’s here!’ and minutes later we were screaming and running for our lives.”

An elderly man described it this way:  “I was on the beaches of Normandy.  And seeing everyone scramble away as that tall fella shot the ball?  It brought back some chilling memories.”

Green, who is irritated with the suspension, commented on the story after a 76ers practice.

“Why does everyone assume I was shooting when the backboards broke?  I could have thrown down some huge dunks during a game of pick-up,” Green said.

“Well, did you break the backboards with dunks?” asked reporter, Keith Pompey.

“No.  One was from a layup,” Green softly said as he lowered his head in shame. 

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