Doc Rivers asks NBA to include more sounds of fans booing so it feels like a Clipper home game

Doc Rivers asks NBA to include more audio of fans booing so it feels like a Clippers home game

Doc Rivers has asked the Orlando game-ops crew to pipe in audio of fans booing so as to better replicate the atmosphere of Clipper home games. 

 “My guys are at the free-throw line hearing the sound of loyal fans cheering, and they’re getting spooked and rattled,” Rivers explained.  “We deserve a similar environment to the Staples Center where about 70% of the crowd resents us.”

The NBA has agreed with the Clippers’ coach and released the following statement before their home game against the Brooklyn Nets.

“The NBA believes the rich tradition of Clippers fans hating their team should continue throughout the 2019-2020 season.  We have worked with Staples Center personnel to determine the top five phrases screamed at Clippers home game by attendees.  The LA Clippers and NBA fans everywhere look forward to hearing the following phrases loudly echo throughout their remaining home games.”

  • “Why aren’t you the Lakers?!”
  • “Stop whining, Doc!”
  • “GO [opposing team]!  What’s a [explicit] clipper anyway?!”
  • “Your logo and color scheme looks like what a low-budget movie would use against a real NBA team!”
  • “Please relocate—PLEASE!  We’ve started a GoFundMe to help with the cost!”

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