J.R. Smith pledged $1000 to charity for each touchdown he scores this season

A touching but bizarre gesture was made by Lakers guard J.R. Smith on Instagram over the weekend.  “I’ve decided that I will donate $1,000 for each touchdown I score this season.  And that’s a promise,” a shirtless Smith said while squinting a great deal into his phone.  “There’s a lot of jokers out there that say they’ll help, but they lack the smarts to make a real difference.  I know I can score five or six touchdowns for the purple and gold each game.  That would be like $10,000 for charity.”

After his announcement, social media got lit up almost as much as Smith and the Lakers were soon forced to comment.

“Yes, we’ve seen his statement.  Us coaches believe J.R.’s heart is in the right place, but his brain is somewhere else,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel commented.  “That said, Jeanie Buss has agreed to match all charitable contributions J.R. raises, so I don’t know what’s going on.”

“J.R.’s crazy,” teammate Dion Waiters said snickering during a film session.  “This man honestly said he’s going to score ‘four or five’ touchdowns for the Lakers?  Don’t he know we’re more of a running team?”

After hearing Waiters’ comments Frank Vogel snapped.  “Damn it!  How many guys on this team think we’re playing football?” 

Vogel became even more heated when Jason Kidd’s hand slowly went up. 

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