KD to Fire Kenny

Kevin Durant considering returning this season to get the firing of Kenny Atkinson out of the way

Kevin Durant is showing real initiative as a Brooklyn Net.  Reports are, the superstar forward is considering a brief return to the court this season to get the firing of coach Kenny Atkinson out of the way.

“It’s thinking ahead,” Romona Shelburne said on The Jump.  “If you can clear the deck and send Kenny to a division one school or a career as a claims adjuster early, I think it shows the Nets have a considerate and respectful player in Durant.”

A source within the organization tells Flu-Like Symptoms Kevin Durant has been seen practicing getting Atkinson fired in the practice facility.

“Woooooow bro.  Are you being serious?” KD was seen saying as has he simulated getting subbed out and gingerly limped to a pretend bench.  

Other reports are Durant is workshopping a series of cryptic and passive-aggressive tweets should he return to the court this spring. 

The tweets that are sure to get Atkinson canned are rumored to be:

“When the head of a snake is a snake..  smdh”

“Just wish this mobster-looking fool would focus on WINNING and not oiling up his curly ass hair!”

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