Nation thankful Quin Snyder was able to land on his feet after killing that family

Nation thankful Quin Snyder was able to land on his feet after killing that family

Say what you will about Americans, but we love a good rehabilitation story.  So after Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder killed that family, our nation is thankful he eventually landed on his feet and got a good job as an NBA coach.

The details of Snyder’s horrific crime have always been a bit foggy.  For one thing, not only was he never officially charged with killing a family, his criminal record is spotless.  Despite that, if you’ve ever taken a look at his face, you just know he did it.  And we’re pretty sure he used an axe.  But again, what’s important now is that he’s reentered society and is a productive citizen. 

Today, his players adore him.  Moreover, they’ve taken the old saying forgive and forget and are executing it like one of his patented out of bounds plays—or actually, an even better comparison, executing it like he did that family. 

“He did what?” asked Rudy Golbert, clearly implementing the ‘forget’ part of the cliché.  “Coach?  Did what?” he asked again, laughing.

At that time, Snyder approached the interview and took issue with the question posed to his all-star center.  He mentioned that not a day goes by without someone wanting details about his gruesome murder.  He went a step further by emphatically explaining how this was a baseless accusation and he’s “sick of it.”

So sick of it he would kill a family with an axe?  Probably.  I guess old habits die hard, coach. 

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