Gannis getting tampered with

NBA asks Rob Pelinka to stop tampering with Giannis while he’s on free throw line

The Orlando restart has everyone in the NBA excited to return to their job.  But Lakers’ GM Rob Pelinka might be the most excited to resume his special talent:  Getting caught tampering.

During the Milwaukee Bucks scrimmage against the Spurs, Pelinka became unable to control himself as Antetokounmpo made his first trip to the free-throw line. 

“Hey, wow!  Crazy to bump into you like this, Giannis,” Pelinka said briskly skipping onto the court.  “Hey, while I have you here, I was wondering if you knew how lame Wisconsin is?” But Pelinka was sharply cut off by a referee who yelled, “Damn it, Rob!  Get outta here!  You were specifically told not to enter the court to tamper!”  

Suspecting his meeting was nearing its end, Pelinka then held a large iPad over his head like John Cusack in Say Anything, inches in front of Giannis’ face.  The iPad showed dramatic footage of the Bucks star wearing a Lakers jersey and somehow holding nine Larry O’Brien trophies and two Kardashian sisters.

“THIS COULD BE YOU!” Pelinka screamed as security dragged him off the court.  Once outside the facility, Pelinka could still be heard loudly yelling, “I must be let back in when the Blazers play the 76ers!  I have an important meeting with Damian Lillard during warmups!”

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