NBA fines Damian Lillard $40,000 for playing in Portland

NBA fines Damian Lillard $40,000 for playing in Portland

On Sunday, the NBA announced that Blazers guard Damian Lillard was fined $40,000 for his “insistence on being an all-world talent for the city of Portland when perfectly good markets like Los Angeles or New York are available.”

Lillard’s defiance became most noticeable when he averaged 74 points and 13 three-pointers for the stupid Oregon team during their eight game bid for the postseason.

“We’ve been over this with Damian,” Adam Silver commented.  “He was allowed to spend a few years and have fun in Portown or Ripland or whatever that place is called, but he should have gone to Miami or New York years ago.  It’s a competitive balance thing.  He’s making the Blazers competitive and we consider that an imbalance. We’ll be arranging a call with him and Draymond Green soon.  Green will fix it.”

Asked whether he learned his lesson, Damian said, “Why you always hatin’ on Portland and Beaverton?  You think I’m like LeBron and I’m gonna up n’ leaverton?”

After answering in the form of rap again, the NBA has opted to upgrade the fine to $75,000.

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