NBA fines Thunder $65,000 for repeatedly trading their own 1st round picks back and forth to themselves

The NBA has fined the Oklahoma City Thunder $65,000 for repeatedly calling the league office and requesting to swap their own first-round picks back to themselves. 

“Hey guys, it’s Sam Presti.  We’d like you to record a trade we just finalized,” The OKC general manager said on his first call to NBA headquarters.  “Yeah, we’ve made a real doozy of a deal.  Maybe my best one yet.  We’ve decided to part ways with our number 15 pick and, and in exchange, we’re going to nab our 11th first-rounder in 2021.”

The members in the league office erupted in laughter and thanked Presti for lightening the mood. 

But an hour later, Presti called in again, asking to move back in 2021 by swapping OKC’s 11th for its 15th.  “We just feel our guy will still be there at 15, so yeah,” Sam explained to a confused league office.

Presti again called, this time nervously scratching all over.  “Ya’ll got any more of them first-round picks?” he asked with a shaky voice.

After twelve more of these phone calls, the NBA finally issued a $65,000 fine the Thunder.  Secondly, Sam Presti has been ordered to seek mandatory counseling to manage his clear addiction to the positive press a GM receives when they acquire a first-round pick. 

Presti plans to complete a ten-hour conference called “The Draft Is For Suckas”, an annual event hosted by the LA Lakers designed to devalue the idea of picking young scrubs. 

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