NBA tie game twinsies

NBA to Cater to Millennials by Changing Phrase ‘Tie Game’ to ‘Twinsies!’

The NBA is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to stop its ratings problem.

Critics have implored the NBA to turn the ratings tide by addressing tough issues such as “load management” and the all-stars scheming to consolidate their talent on superteams.

But the NBA has decided instead to double-down on their desire to win over the nation’s millennials by updating the phrase “tie game” to the more hip “twinsies!”

During last week’s Suns / Knicks game, Mike Breen used the new verbiage, although it was bit shaky. 

“And with under two minutes remaining in the half, the score is tie—errrr, the score is, oh my word, twinsies—can you believe it!”  Breen exclaimed to his MGS audience.

“I think these are the type of big changes our games needs now more than ever” Commissioner Adam Silver remarked.  “I have my finger on the pulse of what sports fans want and think this is a game changer.”

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